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Summary of Nanodrugs and Nanoimaging Agents

Nanobioconjugates were engineered on a natural biodegradable nanoplatform. The drug/imaging agents are specifically delivered crossing multiple bio-barriers such as the blood-brain barrier and the cancer cell membrane to deliver the anti-cancer drugs to the cytoplasm/nuclei of the tumor cells using a targeting monoclonal antibody or peptides. This controllable unique drug releases tumor growth inhibiting agents specifically into cancer cells without affecting normal surrounding cells. Minimal toxicity was demonstrated for nanodrug tumor delivery for temozolomide, platinum drugs and doxorubicin.

MRI virtual biopsy for brain lesions is used when it is impossible to obtain brain tissue for diagnosis

Cross-talk between CK2 and EGFR/EGFRvIII pathways

The active drug component blocks several cancer-specific tumor markers at the same time for multiple tumors: EGFR/EGFRvIII-wild/mutated epidermal growth factor receptor, CK2, a master signaling regulator serine-threonine protein kinase, and HER2/neu. A significant survival increase has been shown in tumor-bearing animals (preclinical data) after drug administration. Using this technology, it is possible to block a combination of several unique markers for each patient at the same time, providing a synergistic effect.

The Ljubimova Laboratory has also broken new ground with the discovery of cancer biomarkers to prevent growth and metastasis of brain, breast and lung cancers. For the first time, the team has developed nanomedicine technology to inhibit the synthesis of cancer-specific extracellular matrix protein, laminin-411, and to engineer a novel drug delivery system to reduce gliomas in the brain in vivo. An ongoing clinical trial has evaluated approximately 300 patients for laminin-411 as a glial tumor biomarker, confirming its role as a potential target for cancer treatment.

Discovery of the New Cancer Biomarker, Laminin 411

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