Jones Lab

The Jones Laboratory is interested in the mechanisms underlying the severe hypoxemia (low oxygen levels) seen in patients who develop acute lung injury. Currently, the Jones Lab is using a mouse model to study the relationship between blood flow and inflammation in the lung and the role of IL-1b in ventilation/perfusion mismatching in acute lung injury.

The Jones Laboratory is affiliated with the Women's Guild Lung Institute, Department of Medicine and Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

Personal Statement

As a physician-scientist, I have the opportunity to ask questions that are directly informed by the patients I care for in the intensive care unit. I am able to take these questions to the laboratory and utilize the tremendous resources of the research community at Cedars-Sinai to address them in a meaningful way.

The Jones Laboratory is interested in understanding the role of IL-1b as an independent determinant of low oxygen levels during acute lung injury. In our mouse model, we generate lung injury using a combination of a bacterial toxin called LPS and mechanical ventilation.

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Pavilion, Room 9106
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