Cedars-Sinai fulfills its vital mission to the community by investing in programs and services to improve the health status of the community. We work closely with schools, FQHC, local government, senior centers and other agencies to improve community health, better meet community needs, and to expand the capacity of other organizations to serve those who are most vulnerable, maximizing the impact of joint efforts to improve lives.

Community includes:

Access to Services

Community health programs offered in local schools, senior centers and community centers to give underserved residents access to free health education, screenings and immunizations.


Cedars-Sinai engages in strategic, high-impact philanthropy focused on improving access to care, addressing social determinants of health and promoting civic engagement to help Los Angeles' most vulnerable residents.

Health Education

Health education that prepares kids, parents and caregivers how to care for their individual health and the health of the community.

Community programs deliver vital health services to the most vulnerable in the Los Angeles area.  We seek to leverage our world-class expertise in prevention, patient care and education to make the greatest impact in the community.

There are a wide variety of Cedars-Sinai support groups and community events that may be of interest to patients, caregivers and community members.

The wide-ranging efforts from Cedars-Sinai to improve the community's health reflect a great deal of study and planning to determine how we can most effectively translate our commitment into action that will ensure a healthier future for those in greatest need.

News & Publications

Embracing Our Community Quarterly Newsletter

Embracing Our Community shares tangible examples of Cedars-Sinai's commitment to the diverse programs, services and events the Community team organizes and supports. Read inspiring stories about the people helped by those efforts.

Cedars-Sinai Joins Los Angeles Mayor's Gang-Reduction Effort

Cedars-Sinai joined Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in a key initiative—Summer Night Lights. Now in its 10th year, the event series is an important aspect of the Gang Reduction and Youth Development program.

Stack of hands

Strengthening Our Community

An increased grant commitment will assist 108 community-based organizations.

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