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I am a physician-scientist with more than 20 years of clinical and basic science research experience focusing on rare neurogenetic disorders. I did my medical doctor and doctorate training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and completed my research thesis in the laboratory of Bert O’Malley, MD, working with the mifepristone-inducible gene system. I then completed a fellowship in pediatric neurology at the University of Pennsylvania/Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, followed by a clinical fellowship in neurogenetics at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Next, I worked as a staff neurologist with the Undiagnosed Diseases Program at NIH prior to moving to Cedars-Sinai."

Tyler Pierson, MD

Pediatric Neurogenetic Disorders: Diagnosis, Disease Models and Therapeutic Interventions

Rare neurogenetic disorders are often caused by genetic mutations that alter function of important genes involved in the development or function of cells in the central or peripheral nervous systems. Because many of the genes involved in these neurodevelopmental disorders are crucial to neurological development and human behavior, the effects of these disorders can often be observed early in life. Alternatively, pediatric neurodegenerative disorders can occur after normal neurodevelopment, with subsequent loss of motor and cognitive abilities. Consequently, pediatric neurogenetic disorders are a major subset of rare disorders, and many are severely debilitating and/or life-threatening.


The Pierson Laboratory is supported by the Diana and Steve Marienhoff Fashion Industries Guild Endowed Fellowship in Pediatric Neuromuscular Diseases and the Fashion Industries Guild Endowed Fellowship in Undiagnosed Diseases.

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Fax: 310-423-1244