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Modern Healthcare: Cedars-Sinai—Doing the Right Thing Fosters Innovation

Modern Healthcare recently interviewed Darren Dworkin, chief information officer and senior vice president of Enterprise Information Services at Cedars-Sinai, about earning the health system Most Wired’s Level 10 certification in 2019 and a Superior Performance Excellence Award.

As Dworkin told Modern Healthcare, Cedars-Sinai has a simple philosophy: Do the right thing. Which in return, Dworkin said, instills confidence among employees and frees them to pursue a vision of something better, whether for patients, clinicians, the healthcare system or all of those together.

“An organization that is wired around doing the right thing creates this trust platform where people’s curiosity rises and their willingness to experiment and collaborate grows,” Dworkin told Modern Healthcare. “Those are the underpinnings of what innovation is all about.”

Although innovation can be seen and felt throughout the medical center, Dworkin said that hand-in-hand with innovation is a focus on the fundamental mission of an IT department.

“The main work that we do is making sure the electronic medical record is up and running and optimized, fitting the workflow patterns of our physicians,” said Dworkin. “That really is the core of the core.”

One of the ways Cedars-Sinai is leading through innovation is the use of smart hospital rooms.

Through a pilot program at Cedars-Sinai, more than 100 patient rooms allow patients to use an Alexa-powered platform known as Aiva to interact hands-free with nurses and control their entertainment. Aiva is the world's first patient-centered voice assistant platform for hospitals.

The Alexa program joins innovations such as the MyChart Bedside app and Cedars-Sinai's iPad project in modernizing patient communications at Cedars-Sinai. More than 250 tablets equipped with the MyChart bedside app are now available for hospitalized patients, who can use the app to check their medical record information, including lab results, as well as the names and photos of their care team.

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