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Restoring Your Quality of Life

Whether you're trying to get back in the game or just to your car, you can trust the orthopaedic care that professional athletes choose. We offer a range of solutions to recapture your full range of motion, including minimally invasive options and nonsurgical treatments that get you back to doing the things you love.

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In neighborhoods throughout Southern California, Cedars-Sinai takes good care of you wherever you are.

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Our orthopaedic professionals lead the way in education, innovation and pain management.

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Orthopaedic Clinical Programs

We offer a range of innovative treatment options from conservative approaches to minimally invasive surgery. Your care plan will be unique to you, and our care team is focused on effective pain management and quick recovery.

Conditions We Treat

We treat a variety of orthopaedic conditions including those in the shoulder, hand, wrist, hip, knee, foot and ankle. 

Come Back Better

At Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute, the specialists who take care of L.A.'s professional athletes are the same ones who treat you. Whatever injury sets you back from your training goals, we can help you get back to your game like you never left.

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Getting Started

Are you experiencing symptoms or suffering from an orthopaedic condition or injury? We’re here to help.

Complete Care Plan

Our specialists work with you to determine the treatment plan that's best for your needs.

Restoring Your Quality of Life

Whether you're looking for a second opinion, in need of a revision or have been newly diagnosed with an orthopaedic condition, we've treated patients who have been in your shoes. Explore our patient stories to learn more about how we've helped our patients get back to the activities they love doing.

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Clinical Trials

We're dedicated to discovering innovative technology that improves our patients' outcomes. Search our clinical trials to find one that you may qualify for.

For Medical Professionals

We offer educational programs in orthopaedic trauma, foot and ankle surgery, spine surgery and sports medicine. For a physician-to-physician consultation, call 310-423-4566 or email

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