Billing and Insurance

Your health is what’s most important and that’s what you should focus on. When it comes to billing and insurance, we’re here to make it as simple as possible. No matter what your insurance coverage, you'll receive compassionate care from our knowledgeable team. 

There are a variety of payment options to make the billing and payment process as easy and stress-free as possible.

You can count on us to provide an exceptional experience for all patients. Cedars-Sinai accepts most major healthcare insurances.

Find information on help paying your bill, financial assistance policy and see if you’re eligible to apply. You can download the application and mail it into our office.

We aim to make the billing process as easy as possible. Learn how much a service or procedure might cost you with your insurance coverage by exploring our interactive tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about billing, payments and My CS-Link.

Hospital Charges

Federal and state regulations require all hospitals to post their charge description master, list of 25 most common outpatient procedures and average charges and rates on their website. Please use the following links.

340B Program Statement

Participation in the 340B Program enables Cedars-Sinai to provide comprehensive care to our patients and fulfill one of the key tenets of our organization’s mission: striving to improve the health status of our community.

Your Patient Rights

As a patient, you deserve prompt and respectful care, as well as clear communication about services, billing, treatment options and every other aspect of your experience. Your voice is essential, so take control and make sure you know your rights.

Pricing Transparency Commitment

Cedars-Sinai is committed to providing transparent information on patients' out-of-pocket costs for our services. Our website's self-service estimator tool is intended to be user-friendly and clearly provide information tailored to each patient. The reason we request names and insurance information is so that we can complete a real-time check of available insurance. Our tool takes into account plan benefits, deductible not yet met and any caps on what insurance would pay.

Note that the two tools we have on our website, the machine-readable file and the shoppable services, both include discounted prices for outpatient services where the patient has no insurance. We encourage those without insurance to please contact Patient Financial Services at 866-803-1777 to determine eligibility for further discounts including full financial assistance. The tools do not include cash prices for inpatient services as Cedars-Sinai does not have a standard cash price for inpatient services because each patient's specific medical and financial situation is different. If you are uninsured, the price you will pay for inpatient care at Cedars-Sinai will depend on the services you need and the amount of financial assistance you qualify for under our general financial assistance policy. If you are insured, we provide an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs.

We also have had on our website for some time, a separate posting of our gross charge information (our "chargemaster"). This data is now also added as a component of the machine-readable tool.

Although there are no standard cash prices for inpatient services, if you are uninsured and would like information on rates for services, please contact Patient Financial Services at 866-803-1777. We're committed to providing quality healthcare to everyone in the community who needs it. This includes offering full financial assistance or services at discounted prices to eligible people who cannot afford to pay for part or all of their care. Payment plans are also available.

Insured patients are also encouraged to reach out to their health plan for assistance in understanding possible out-of-pocket costs.