Los Angeles,
09:00 AM

KNX News: Cedars-Sinai Develops AI That Can Predict Heart Attacks

KNX News recently interviewed Piotr Slomka, PhD, director of Innovation in Imaging at Cedars-Sinai, about a new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm he helped develop that can determine when a patient might experience a heart attack.  

The AI tool uses a patient’s clinical data—age, gender, weight, heart rate and blood pressure—and images of their heart to predict the probability that an adverse cardiac event will occur. These predictions are depicted in a graph that doctors can use to understand how a change in medication or blood pressure could affect an individual’s risk.

“And so, the patient can see like a chart how that risk changes over time,” said Slomka a research scientist in the Division of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and the Smidt Heart Institute.

As useful as this new tool may be, it should not replace a physician’s judgement. In the event of a disagreement with the technology, Slomka told KNX News that a physician should make the final decision. "AI is just another tool,” he said, emphasizing that a doctor will always be needed, but they “will have better tools, which will give more precise answers.”

Slomka and his team plan to test the AI in clinical trials at Cedars-Sinai and hope to apply it to other health uses soon.

“We will work with professional cardiology societies to see how that can be used more widely, and what are the ways to have that available more widely,” Slomka said.

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