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For more than a century, Cedars-Sinai has served vulnerable communities across Los Angeles. This commitment to community service is one of Cedars-Sinai’s defining qualities as a leading nonprofit academic health system.

Cedars-Sinai fulfills this vital part of its mission by investing in programs and services dedicated to improving community health. This includes:

  • Health programs offered in local schools, homeless shelters and community centers to give underserved residents access to free health education, screenings and immunizations
  • Free and part-pay hospital care for the uninsured and those with limited means, and the unreimbursed cost of caring for Medi-Cal and Medicare patients, innovative research that leads to new treatments in cardiac care, cancer, digestive health, the neurosciences, women’s health and more—saving and improving lives not only locally but globally
  • Education that prepares future healthcare professionals to deliver quality care and helps alleviate a national workforce shortage

Cedars-Sinai works closely with schools, local government, senior centers, health and human service programs, and other agencies to better understand community needs, and to expand the capacity of other organizations to serve those who are most vulnerable, maximizing the long-term impact of joint efforts to improve lives.

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The Beverly Press and Park LaBrea News recently sat down with Veronica Bauer, recruitment coordinator for Cedars-Sinai Blood Donor Services for a story about how Los Angeles police officers are helping to shore up the health system’s blood
At a recent workout in Los Angeles, twenty shadow boxers throw their fists in the air, shouting and counting their punches. But unlike most gym classes in the youth-obsessed city, everyone in this room is over 65 years old. In partnership with