Crush the Weekend—Not Your Joints

For casual athletes who escape the demands of adulthood through exercise and playing sports, pursuing their athletic passions on weekends brings joy—and the possibility of joint injury.

The Nature Prescription

Whether you’re angry, stressed, scared or sad, connecting with Mother Nature is powerful medicine that can help reduce stress, boost feel-good hormones and clear a cluttered mind. You might almost call it "free medicine."

Marathon Baby

Fueled by the power of knowledge and unparalleled access to supportive resources, Matt and Marci Tatham take their young son’s genetic disorder, Klinefelter syndrome, in stride.

Vaccine Fast Facts

Immunizations prevent disease and save millions of lives each year.

Support Groups at Cedars-Sinai

The medical center provides support groups for patients and their families, and hosts community-based groups as well.

Human Interest: A Doctor's Story

Nitin Kapur, MD, translates his love for writing into creating a welcoming space for patients.

Tummy Trouble Tips

Our expert defines and demystifies common GI conditions.

The Gift of Ordinary Life During Cancer

Minerva Quezada's doctor calls her a "trailblazer" in her fight against cancer.

Balancing Act: How to Balance, Work, Family and Life in LA

Michelle Shukhman, DO, shares tips to help you establish a healthier work-life balance.

Bright Gray: Heather Gray Fights Cancer with Fierce Optimism and Expert Care ...

Heather Gray fights cancer with fierce optimism, fueled by her tight-knit circle of friends and family and a collaborative team of doctors.