The Neuropsychology Program offers a broad range of services to both inpatients and outpatients of all ages throughout Cedars-Sinai and California Rehabilitation Institute. Practitioners specialize in the relationship between the brain and cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning. Many of our neuropsychologists are also part of a specialty team within Cedars-Sinai that participates in research and education both at the medical center and nationally.

Services We Offer

Pediatric Neuropsychology

Pediatric neuropsychological assessments and treatment.

Adult Neuropsychology

Adult neuropsychological assessments and treatment.

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Conditions, Diagnostics and Treatments

Know the signs and symptoms that may signal the need for neuropsychology services.

Insurance Coverage and Payment Information

All insurance types are generally accepted. However, there may be a difference in range of services covered by your insurance carrier depending on your plan. Please contact your insurance carrier as well as our inpatient or outpatient office to determine coverage and authorization.

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