Los Angeles,
12:33 PM

West Hollywood Residents Get Checked at 17th Annual Healthy Seniors Fair

West Hollywood Healthy Seniors Fair 2018

More than 200 people received important free screenings from Cedars-Sinai health professionals at the 17th annual Healthy Seniors Fair at Plummer Park in West Hollywood.

The attendees, many of them Russian immigrants from the surrounding neighborhood, were able to have their glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol checked. Cedars-Sinai podiatrists aided attendees with their foot problems and dental experts educated seniors about oral health issues.

In addition to the health screenings, participants received information from local service providers like Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles and the Saban Community Clinic. Those attending also were eager to receive information about the free and low-cost transportation alternatives offered to senior citizens. elderly

Hy Arnesty said he has been coming to the Healthy Senior Fair since it began 17-years ago. “This is a wonderful program,” he said. “A lot of people don’t take care of their health so the screenings are very important. If you have problems, you can follow up with your doctor.”

Arnesty says he is a regular at other Cedars-Sinai screenings held every year so he can keep track of his health. At the health fairs, Cedars-Sinai health educators offer people nutrition and exercise advice to help them adopt healthier lifestyles and Arnesty says he follows their advice, starting each day with a half-hour stationary bike workout. His attention to his health habits is working, as Arnesty is a healthy 95-year-old.

Michele Rigsby Pauley, interim associate director of Cedars-Sinai community health programs, said, “Cedars-Sinai is proud to partner with local health providers to deliver care and education to a population not always able to access the healthcare they need and deserve.”

Other organizations participating in the Healthy Seniors Fair sponsored by the city of West Hollywood include Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles, Heritage Clinic, the California Telephone Access Program and Tunstall Americas.