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New Exercise Program for Older Adults Benefits Mind, Body

New Cedars-Sinai Exercise Program for Older Adults

Cedars-Sinai’s Forever Fit Program Is Open to the Public

Cedars-Sinai is hosting a new exercise program for older adults and the benefits go far beyond muscle mass.

Called Forever Fit, the evidence-based, comprehensive fitness program is organized and taught by Cedars-Sinai’s Community Health Improvement professionals.

“The classes not only decrease falls and increase muscle strength, but are also proven to lessen social isolation, anxiety and depression,” said JonathanJonathon Vickburg, LMFT Vickburg, LMFT, associate director of Community Health Improvement. “There is a physical benefit, of course, and surprisingly, many of our participants say there is an emotional impact as well.”

Participants in the class, held at the Culver City Community Center, agree.

Ron Cohen, 76, attends religiously. “I love the class,” he said. “I wish we would do it every day instead of three days a week. I really enjoy it.”

Bobbi Flusser, 79, said the class has improved her shoulder and back pain as well as her quality of life.

“It’s helpful both socially and physically,” Flusser said. “Exercise is important for your total health—balance, cardio, stretching, walking. It just covers everything. I would recommend this class to everyone.”

Data on the importance of exercise for older adults comes from a Cedars-Sinai study led by geriatrician Allison Moser Mays, MD.  As part of the research study, investigators followed older adults who participated in group exercise classes for six months.

“What we found is that older adults who participate in group exercise classes not only have physical benefits for their health and decreased risk of falling, but they also have increased social connectedness and decreased levels of loneliness,” Moser Mays said. 

Cedars-Sinai is looking to expand Forever Fit to other community centers, a win for both mental and physical wellbeing, according to Moser Mays.  “There is tremendous benefit from attending these classes,” she said. “By attending a group exercise class, you can also ultimately impact multiple facets of your life and health.” 

Forever Fit classes meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. at the Culver City Senior Center.

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