Los Angeles,
14:45 PM

Hospital de los Valles and Cedars-Sinai Sign Historic Collaboration Agreement to Enable Better Healthcare in Ecuador

Hospital de los Valles recently published a news release announcing that the Ecuador medical center has signed an agreement with Cedars-Sinai. This alliance—Cedars-Sinai’s first in Latin America—will strengthen private healthcare in the Andean country, provide patients access to the latest medical and technological advances, and enable physicians to share experiences and knowledge.

The alliance also will support Hospital de los Valles in its efforts to obtain international quality accreditations and to develop specialty clinics. It will also allow the medical institution to receive advice for its emergency area. This milestone will directly benefit:

  • Patients, who will have access to second opinions and telemedicine by specialists from Cedars-Sinai
  • Medical and nursing professionals, through continuing education and professional training

“This collaboration agreement brings together two organizations committed to excellence in patient care and professionalization of doctors. We are proud that today Ecuador will be a reference country in Latin America as the first to have a direct agreement with Cedars-Sinai,” Diana Pinilla, general manager of Hospital de los Valles, said in the news release.

Heitham Hassoun, MD, vice president and medical director for Cedars-Sinai International, said that the agreement is the result of a tremendous amount of goodwill, cooperation and mutual respect between Hospital de los Valles and Cedars-Sinai over the past year.

“This is our starting point—the beginning of a strong and long-lasting relationship with Hospital de los Valles and the people of Ecuador,” Hassoun said.

Click here to read more about Hospital de los Valles on their website (in Spanish).