Los Angeles,
06:00 AM

Cedars-Sinai's Earth Day Projects Aim to Improve Planet's Health

When Earth Day rolls around on Monday, Cedars-Sinai will continue its commitment to keep not only its patients healthy, but also the planet. With various initiatives happening throughout the day, employees are participating in – and learning more about – the medical center's green efforts. 

“In 2018, we recycled 2 million pounds of paper alone,” said Scott Patrick, manager of Linen Services, VIP Uniform Program and Recycling Program. “We hope our efforts will inspire individual and department action to be cognizant of the everyday items we use and the appropriate disposal for these items.”

Many of Cedars-Sinai's Earth Day activities are centered around efficiency, a critical component to sustainability. Those events include an office supply swap, where employees are encouraged to recycle any unused office supplies to departments that can use them. The cafeteria will sell reusable straws. And employees and visitors alike can visit a green-thumb inspired booth to learn tips and tricks on growing their own fruits and vegetables. 

The events are hosted in part by Earth Rx, a group of Cedars-Sinai staff members that encourages employees to practice sustainability throughout the medical center. The Earth Rx committee is focused on reducing the medical center's carbon footprint by working on composting and battery recycling projects.  

One of the medical center’s largest sustainability efforts to-date is its groundwater efficiency project, which in 2018 alone, slashed the medical center’s use of city-supplied water by 29 million gallons annually – the equivalent of supplying 267 single-family homes with water for a year.

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power recognized the project with top honors at its Sustainability Awards ceremony. The event is held annually to recognize non-residential customers who go above and beyond standard industry practices by implementing major efficiency and conservation projects focused on sustainability.

“As a medical center, we have reduced our water consumption by 80,000 gallons a day,” said Mark Rojas, executive director of Plant Operations and Engineering Services. “We were honored to be recognized with this tremendous, top honor and value all of our employees and visitors who are participating in additional green programs today.”

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