Los Angeles,
06:00 AM

Cedars-Sinai Gives Free Health Screenings at Telemundo Health Fair

Cedars-Sinai at Telemundo's Feria de la Salud

Cedars-Sinai healthcare professionals were out in force at the 15th annual Telemundo Health Fair, La Feria de la Salud, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Thousands of Angelenos attended the annual event to that offers free health screenings and exams, including diabetes screenings, cholesterol screenings, breast exams, dental checkups, vision tests, immunizations, mammograms and more.

“For some people this is their annual checkup ,” said Linda Burns Bolton, DrPH, RN, Cedars-Sinai chief nursing officer and senior vice president of Nursing. “Each year they bring back their papers to say, 'How’s my blood pressure? How’s my cholesterol? Did I do better in terms of my weight?'"

Susana Castro  received a free mammogram at the fair, as well as blood pressure and cholesterol checks. Much to her delight, she also received a much needed free pair of glasses after a vision test. “It’s very important”, said Castro, “We don’t have insurance -- we cannot afford it and pay for all these exams, so it's very helpful." 

About a dozen of Cedars-Sinai’s community partners also participated, including Watts Health Center and T.H.E. Health and Wellness Center. Participants who needed follow-up care were able to make appointments for clinic visits.

“Many people don’t go to doctors,” said Michele Rigsby Pauley, RN, MSN, interim associate director of Community Health and Education. “Lots of times, they’re scared. They may not have insurance, they may not have money, they may not have transportation. There are many reasons people aren’t getting the health care they need so we're very pleased part of Cedars-Sinai's mission is to bring the health care to them.”