Los Angeles,
06:30 AM

Cedars-Sinai Cancer Experts To Present Clinical Findings at AACR Conference

Cedars-Sinai Cancer oncologists and researchers are available to comment on late-breaking topics and research throughout the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2023, happening April 14-19 in Orlando.

Select experts and topics include:

  • Lung cancer: Efficacy and safety of adjuvant atezolizumab from the Phase 2 LCMC3 study; the prognostic impact of the KRAS G12C-mutation in non-small cell lung cancer; and clinical characteristics, real-world treatment patterns, and clinical outcomes among patients with previously treated metastatic or unresectable EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer in the United States.
    Expert: Karen Reckamp, MD, director of Medical Oncology at Cedars-Sinai Cancer
  • Solid Tumors: Late-breaking results from the targeted agent and profiling utilization registry study: temsirolimus in patients with solid tumors with PTEN mutation.
    Expert: Kristopher Wentzel, MD, oncologist at The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute, a Cedars-Sinai Affiliate
  • Prostate cancer: Targeting androgen receptor coregulators to enhance enzalutamide sensitivity in prostate cancer.
    Expert: Moray Campbell, PhD, research scientist at Cedars-Sinai Cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer: Suppression of phosphorylated focal adhesion kinase + fibroblasts and C-X-C chemokine receptor type 4 expressing granulocytes is associated with exceptional clinical outcomes in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
    Expert: Arsen Osipov, MD, program lead in the Pancreatic Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic and Precision Medicine Program at Cedars-Sinai Cancer
  • Melanoma: Intratumoral MEDI1191 + durvalumab: Update on the first-in-human study in advanced solid tumors.
    Expert: Omid Hamid, MD, director of the Melanoma Center at The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute, a Cedars-Sinai Affiliate
  • Melanoma: Neoadjuvant pembrolizumab and vibostolimab or gebasaxturev or pembro alone followed by adjuvant pembro for stage IIIB-D melanoma.
    Expert: Inderjit Mehmi, MD, oncologist at Cedars-Sinai Cancer
  • Glioblastoma: Brain delivery of clinically suitable nanobioconjugates to inhibit glioblastoma growth through extracellular matrix-immune cell crosstalk.
    Expert: Alexander Ljubimov, PhD, professor of Biomedical Sciences and Neurosurgery
  • Sarcoma: Circular RNAs repress interferon responses in the sarcoma cells and promote sarcoma growth by forging a pro-tumorigenic immune microenvironment.
    Expert: Jlenia Guarnerio, PhD, MS, assistant professor of Radiation Oncology

Interviews can be arranged in-person, or by using most virtual meeting formats, including Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.

CONTACT: Cara Martinez can help schedule your interview and can be reached at cara.martinez@cshs.org or 310.562.7821.