Cedars-Sinai Expands Global Presence

Cedars-Sinai global footptint map.
The View Hospital in Qatar.

In the coming months, Cedars-Sinai International and its affiliate in Qatar, elegancia healthcare a subsidiary of Estithmar Holding, will enjoy a long-awaited moment: the opening of The View, a state-of-the-art hospital arising from a shared commitment to excellence in healthcare. 

Years in the making, the project marks another milestone in Cedars-Sinai’s expansion in the international arena, one of several major efforts to bring world-class care closer to patients around the world. 

"Working with partners in countries as diverse as Qatar, China, the United Kingdom and Mexico means we have to listen and learn before we make assumptions."

With its growing affiliations in the Middle East and beyond, Cedars-Sinai International is not only keeping pace with a fast-changing world but also emerging as a leader that could help transform the health—and the lives—of millions.

Going Global

Dr. Heitham T. Hassoun, vice president and medical director of Cedars-Sinai International.

Dr. Heitham T. Hassoun

"Going global is a natural development for Cedars-Sinai because it reflects our most fundamental values and our mission," says Dr. Heitham T. Hassoun, vice president and medical director of Cedars-Sinai International. "Cedars-Sinai was founded to serve the needs of its community; that community is global, and so are we."

Situated in Los Angeles, one of the world’s largest and most diverse cities, Cedars-Sinai already has layers of experience serving patients who come from a multitude of backgrounds—including international patients—and reflect an array of cultures, perspectives, histories and means. 

That experience brings distinct advantages as the world shrinks, medical tourism grows and developing countries invest more in healthcare. 

Benjamin H. Seo, director of Global Business Development at Cedars-Sinai.

Benjamin H. Seo

"Cedars-Sinai already understands the importance of tailoring care to each patient, and we have successfully been doing so from the earliest days of this organization," says Benjamin H. Seo, director of Global Business Development at Cedars-Sinai

Staying Local

"Working with partners in countries as diverse as Qatar, China, the United Kingdom and Mexico means we have to listen and learn before we make assumptions," says Dr.Hassoun, "and we have to keep listening and learning as we go. That’s essential if we want to deliver the best care to patients, wherever they are." 

Delivering the best care isn’t just about having the latest equipment, the finest facilities and the most capable staff. 

"It also means being flexible, adaptable and nimble," says Dr. Hassoun. "It’s about understanding how you fit into the local institutions’ vision for their country and their citizens, ensuring you provide a benefit that complements the strengths that are already there." 

That’s why Cedars-Sinai chooses to work with local partners rather than go it alone. In Dr. Hassoun’s words: "We believe the best thing for patients is a partnership where each entity brings its own expertise against the backdrop of local knowledge and local needs."

The View hospital in Qatar healing garden.

From Consulting to Collaborating

In Qatar, that meant playing an advisory and consulting role that evolved into knowledge-sharing and close collaboration, all in a medical landscape that included highly skilled doctors and staff. Cedars-Sinai can offer perspectives based on its own experience in private healthcare, engage with local healthcare leaders to discuss the path forward, and help choose the right staff. 

On the medical front, Cedars-Sinai’s team of doctors and other experts work closely with their counterparts at Elegancia healthcare to develop protocols and programs for patient care, physician education and hospital operations. 

"With 11 specialties ranked in the USA by U.S. News & World Report, Cedars-Sinai has world-class healthcare expertise in areas of interest for The View, which include heart health, endocrinology and women’s health," says Seo.

In March 2022, a Cedars-Sinai delegation visited The Pearl-Qatar, a gleaming development in Doha and home of The View, to assess the opening plans and provide continued guidance as needed. The View hospital plans to open in a phased approach, with each phase being carefully planned, managed and assessed. 

Fitting In and Standing Out

"In other countries, our exact contribution may look different than in Qatar, even within the same region," says Seo, referring to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a union comprising the nations of Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The Cedars-Sinai International team is constantly exploring potential collaborations in the GCC and beyond. 

"Being ranked the No. 2 hospital in the USA by U.S News & World Report means the Cedars-Sinai name is spreading around the world. This is an exciting time to represent our organization and to bring its outstanding healthcare services and knowledge closer to where our patients need them," says Seo.

"We’re Right Here"

Cedars-Sinai International is committed to working with local experts to ensure that the knowledge that Cedars-Sinai brings is relevant to that region and truly impacts patients’ lives. "Cedars-Sinai’s motto is, ‘We’re right here,’" says Dr. Hassoun. "We want that to be true wherever people need us. And we are getting there, one step at a time."