Surgery can change lives. At Cedars-Sinai, our surgeons offer expert care for a wide range of conditions, from routine to complex. We provide safe, effective procedures so you can live the life you deserve.

The experienced Cedars-Sinai surgical team helps you through this next bend of your healthcare path. We are with you at every step, from your first appointment through surgery and recovery.

Our Approach to Surgery

At Cedars-Sinai, you'll experience:

One of the Nation’s Top Hospitals

You get leading-edge surgery from an experienced team.

Commitment to Research

We participate in numerous clinical trials, offering you access to the latest approaches to care before they are widely available.

Advanced Procedures

We are leading the field in cutting-edge surgical technologies, including robotic surgery and microsurgery procedures. These methods lead to excellent results for our patients.

Team Approach

We work with medical professionals across many specialties, providing comprehensive surgical care.

Our nationally recognized general surgery specialists perform advanced procedures to treat conditions of the esophagus, stomach, intestines, pancreas and bile ducts, gallbladder and thyroid. We are equipped with lifesaving resources and advanced techniques to provide uncompromising care for you and your loved ones.

Minimally invasive surgery uses small incisions and miniaturized instruments. These techniques reduce blood loss, scarring and chances of infection as well as shorten recovery time. Our experts specialize in advanced minimally invasive procedures for many conditions, including cancer.

Experts at the Cedars-Sinai surgical oncology program specialize in surgery to treat cancer. We customize your treatment plan to meet your needs and offer the latest therapies and protocols.

Our team often performs cancer removal surgery followed by hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC), an advanced procedure to remove remaining cancer cells. We also run clinical trials to discover and develop new cancer treatments.

For Medical Professionals

The Department of Surgery offers a variety of residency and fellowship programs that provide advanced training in specialty areas. All programs promote the evidence-based, patient-centered culture of Cedars-Sinai and provide an opportunity to work with our distinguished faculty and physicians.

Have Questions or Need a Second Opinion?

To make an appointment or refer a patient, call the Surgery care team. You can also have us call you back at your convenience.

7 days a week, 6 am - 9 pm PT