Care for High-Risk Patients

We offer regular monitoring, lifestyle changes and education to women with a family history of breast cancer. We can help you reduce anxiety related to breast cancer risk while supporting your long-term breast health.

Who Is at Higher Risk for Breast Cancer?

Women who have a mother, sister or daughter with breast cancer or who have a previous, personal diagnosis of atypical cells or lobular carcinoma in situ are at increased risk. We can help.

What's Offered

  • You receive compassionate care, leading-edge technology and counseling on preventive options.
  • Monitoring and education provide you with facts about your personal risk, and ways to manage your health.
  • In a single, comprehensive appointment, a dedicated team of breast care experts — including a nutritionist, physical therapist, social worker, geneticist and nurse practitioner — work together to develop a personalized plan for breast cancer monitoring and risk reduction.
  • Imaging may be available on the same day as the first appointment.
  • In most cases, your insurance covers services if you're eligible.

You can learn more about your risk factors and how you can manage them, or call us at 310-423-9331 to schedule an appointment.

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