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Santa Claus Visits Cedars-Sinai

Red-Suited Best Friend of Chief Nursing Executive David Marshall, JD, DNP, RN, Drops by to Surprise Patients and Parents


As we approach the two-year mark of battling COVID-19, Cedars-Sinai 's Newsroom Team aims to brighten the holiday season with stories about our patients, our caregivers and their medical triumphs. Click here to read the collection. Happy Holidays to all and best wishes for a healthy, happy 2022. 

Cedars-Sinai's Chief Nursing Executive David Marshall, JD, DNP, RN, recently arranged for his best friend, Santa Claus, to visit some of Cedars-Sinai’s youngest patients.

Accompanied by an entourage of Cedars-Sinai nurses and Child Life specialists dressed in holiday style, Santa spent time visiting pediatric patients as well as infants in the medical center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, part of the Maxine Dunitz Children’s Health Center, where many parents were marking their first holiday season as mothers and fathers. 

“Merry Christmas!” Santa said as he walked into a Pediatric Intensive Care patient’s room. “It’s good to see you!”

Spreading joy with his booming voice, Santa and nurses surprised pediatric patients with small gifts, courtesy of the OwieBowwowie Foundation. Santa gifted parents of babies in the NICU ornaments of their baby’s footprints and the tiniest patients received pint-sized Santa hats. He also posed for pictures with two sets of twins dressed in Christmas outfits.

Remarking on his best friend’s popularity, Marshall, who regularly visits patients throughout the medical center, said, "I've never had patients so thrilled to see me. That shows you the power of Santa.”

And healthcare professionals also play an important role during the holidays, Marshall told his team of Cedars-Sinai nurses. "The families’ No. 1 holiday wish is to be home and healthy,” said Marshall, the James R. Klinenberg, MD, and Lynn Klinenberg Linkin Chair in Nursing in honor of Linda Burnes Bolton. “That wish won’t come from Santa Claus. Rather, it comes from all of you, who bring the gift of healing to your patients every day."