13:25 PM

Park La Brea News: Cedars-Sinai Welcomes Future Doctors and Scientists

Calling the brain "the most incredible structure in the known universe," Keith L. Black, MD, welcomed about 170 middle and high school students to Cedars-Sinai’s annual Brainworks event. The day-long program of unique scientific and medical learning experiences was featured on Fox 11 and in the Park Labrea News and Beverly Press.

Brainworks, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, is designed to expose students to scientific and technological advances in neurosurgery and other healthcare specialties in a way that inspires the next generation of doctors and scientists.

This year's three-hour program at the Harvey Morse Auditorium included a series of interactive stations staffed by Cedars-Sinai employees and vendors. At each station, students had hands-on experiences with some of the latest medical technologies like 3-D imaging for interactive virtual surgery and a virtual reality computer program that focuses on the healthcare benefits of VR technology.

Black said programs like Brainworks encouraged his pursuit of medicine when he was young, so he wants to spark interest in science and healthcare careers for students who might not otherwise think it possible. This year's crop of Brainworks students was drawn from Helen Keller Middle School, Virgil Middle School, KIPP Academy and Cathedral High School.

Marc H. Rapaport, chair of the Cedars-Sinai Board of Directors, also stopped by the event. "Reaching out to the community and demonstrating future health care career opportunities for people at a time when they are trying to decide what direction to choose, is very valuable," he said. "And reaching out with someone as distinguished as Dr. Black makes it extra special."

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