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New Issue of Discoveries Springs Forward

Cedars-Sinai's Award-winning Magazine Highlights the Work of Investigators Studying Inflammation

The spring issue of Discoveries, Cedars-Sinai’s flagship magazine about research, is now available in print and online. The publication, which showcases medical research and discoveries and the myriad ways they benefit patients, publishes twice a year.

The current issue is devoted to breakthroughs in our understanding of a common mechanism that drives disease: inflammation.

The swelling, burning and agitation of inflammation are the underlying clinical pathogens for conditions ranging from hay fever to atherosclerosis, cancer, and liver, heart and lung diseases, Shlomo Melmed, MB, ChB, executive vice president of Academic Affairs, distinguished professor of Medicine and dean of the medical faculty, shares in his letter to Discoveries readers.

“We are vigorously exploring mechanisms of inflammation to discover novel treatment targets for such prevalent and persistent illnesses across several specialties,” Melmed writes. “Furthermore, many of our COVID-19 clinical trials aim to ease intense inflammatory responses provoked by the disease and dampen adverse immune effects on body functions, enabling patients to recover more rapidly.”

The article, A Double-Edged Sword, featured in the new issue, describes how inflammation, the body’s defense against injury and infection, can ravage organs and trigger disease if left unchecked.

“As with any complicated defense system,” Eduardo Marbán, MD, PhD, executive director of the Smidt Heart Institute, told Discoveries, “any misstep can lead to friendly fire.”

In other articles, the publication explores the latest COVID-19 research, racial disparities during the pandemic, and vaccine safety. The magazine also profiles an inflammatory bowel disease expert who builds guitars, an empowering nurse advocate, and a drummer who is still rocking at 77 thanks to a minimally invasive procedure to repair his heart.

Get a print copy of the next issue of Discoveries by emailing groupeditorial@cshs.org.

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