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CNN.com: Is Your ‘Emotional Support Water Bottle’ Causing Overhydration?

CNN.com recently interviewed Ryan Bober, MD, an internal medicine specialist at Cedars-Sinai, about the importance of drinking water healthfully and avoiding overhydration, which is especially relevant with the rise in popularity of trendy, reusable water bottles.

Bober told CNN.com that while various factors influence how much water is appropriate for each individual, drinking 80 ounces of water in 10 hours is considered safe for most people and will help them stay adequately hydrated. 

Overhydration is not necessarily common, but it is possible, Bober said, and, in some cases, it can lead to seizures, comas or death.

“If you start to get to the point where you don’t really have much of a thirst mechanism—you feel like you’re forcing the rest of whatever number of ounces you have left in the bottle down, have started having trouble with how easily you’re swallowing the water—then you’ve kind of pushed yourself into the range of overhydration,” Bober told CNN.com.

Bober said that mild cases of overhydration usually go away when the person stops drinking too much and the kidneys eliminate excess water.

He told CNN.com that staying hydrated is beneficial for many reasons. For people trying to lose weight, drinking water before meals can cause them to feel fuller and eat less.  

Bober added that drinking water activates dopamine levels in the body, leading to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. But, he said, those same feelings can sometimes cause people to drink more water and lead to overhydration.

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