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Gifts that Count

Ricky Nero and her mother, Cynthia

Ricki Nero (left) gained a new lease on life with the support of her mother, Cynthia, dog, Layla, and the transplant team at Cedars-Sinai. Photo: Rachael Porter

Donations small and large through The Campaign for Cedars-Sinai fuel breakthrough discoveries.

Cedars-Sinai is celebrating its most successful fundraising campaign to date. The eight-year effort, which wrapped in 2018, raised more than $615 million to sustain and advance leading-edge discovery. Built around five strategic themes—disease prevention and control, precision health and targeted therapies, aging and longevity, innovations in healthcare technology, and education and training—The Campaign for Cedars-Sinai took a comprehensive approach to understanding of disease. Below you’ll read about just a few of the breakthroughs supported by philanthropic partners—and about patients whose lives were changed as a result.