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Cedars-Sinai Blog

Healing Gardens Offer a Therapeutic Landscape

Nearly 5 years ago, Cedars-Sinai started planning a campus beautification that included a serene garden experience emphasizing healing the mind, body, and soul. Our Healing Gardens are now largely complete and open to patients, visitors, staff, and the public.

"The redesigning of the exterior plaza not only provides a much-needed green sanctuary for our patients and visitors, but also a wonderful space for our physicians and staff to recharge throughout the day," said Mark Gavens, chief operating officer. "It also ensures beautiful, serene landscapes can be seen from patient room windows."

Environmental conditions helped guide the garden’s design, which includes many succulents and other plants suited to the warm, dry climate of Southern California. The drought-tolerant foliage and innovative groundwater system are part of a campus-wide water conservation strategy, which will save an estimated 28.6 million gallons of water annually.

"There is so much evidence on the impact that therapeutic landscapes and nature can have on a patient's recovery," Gavens said. "We're excited to provide soothing, tranquil areas where our community can rest and heal."