Healing Gardens

A Therapeutic Landscape Experience for All

The Healing Gardens offer a serene, green experience to patients, visitors and staff who can relax and soothe mind, body and soul. Covering 82,500 square feet, the four gardens sit on what were two separate concrete decks atop the north and south garages.

Designed by AHBE Landscape Architects and constructed by Hensel Phelps over a 5-year period, the gardens feature meandering wooden paths that traverse a varied landscape of drought-tolerant plants, water features, shaded seating and a steel-tube sculptural pavilion by Ball-Nogues Studio. The trellis’s organic form is spectacular both when viewed from the inside and from patient rooms above.

At night, the gardens are equally welcoming. Footlights emphasize the curving design of the paths, and spotlights focus on the dramatic shapes of agaves and other plants. The choice of dry-landscape plantings, and an innovative groundwater system, is part of a campus-wide water-conservation effort that will save an estimated 28.6 million gallons annually.

"There is so much evidence on the impact that therapeutic landscapes and nature can have on a patient's recovery," says Mark Gavens, Cedars-Sinai Chief Operating Officer. "We're excited to provide soothing, tranquil areas where our community can rest and heal."

The Cedars-Sinai art collection is comprised of more than 4,000 notable works by some 1,200 artists.

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If you own fine art that you believe would make a great addition to the Cedars-Sinai therapeutic-art collection, or if you're interested in finding out more about donating, we would love to hear from you.

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