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Faces of Cedars-Sinai: Command Center Operator Gerardo Rolon

Gerardo Rolon, Cedars-Sinai, security, command center

Command center operator Gerardo Rolon.

Meet Gerardo Rolon! You may not see Rolon, as he's called by his colleagues, but you've probably heard his voice at Cedars-Sinai.

That's because as a command center operator, he's part of the team who makes overhead announcements that help keep patients, visitors, and staff alert and safe.

"We just want to make sure everyone goes home safely at the end of their stay or at the end of their shift."

We sat down with Rolon to learn more about his role.

What's a typical day at work for you?

Gerardo Rolon: We monitor the more than 1,000 security cameras at the hospital as well as the infant abduction system and fire alarm system. Our team is working 24/7.

We also answer phone calls that come in internally to security. Also, we make the code announcements you hear. We make about 1-2 of those announcements per shift.

What made you want to work with the security team?

GR: I was working in a different department for a little bit, then the opportunity to interview for a job in security came up.

That was 22 years ago and I've been here ever since. I started out as a security officer doing patrol around the hospital and then moved up the ranks.

What's your favorite part of this job?

GR: My team. We have a lot of fun down here and we all get along really well.

What's the most important part of your job?

GR: Keeping everyone safe and informed about what's going on.

We just want to make sure everyone goes home safely at the end of their stay or at the end of their shift. 

What do you like to do when you're not at work?

GR: I mostly like to spend time with my wife and our 3 kids. I love to be anywhere that they're having fun. We like to go to Disneyland or the beach. They love the beach.

What do your kids think you do at work?

GR: They don't really know all the details, but they know I sit in a room with a lot of TVs watching a lot of cameras.

Where are you from?

GR: I grew up in LA.

What's your favorite thing about living in LA?

GR: My family loves the outdoors and I love that we can be in Big Bear at the snow in the morning and then in the afternoon we could be at the beach. I think that's pretty cool.