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2 Heart Transplants Can't Keep Joelle Down

Joelle Earle is 29 years old and on his third heart, but he hasn't let life's unexpected turns slow him down.

Even though Joelle was born with an incomplete rib cage and a hole in his heart, no one suspected that the asthma-like symptoms he battled throughout childhood were a result of the birth defect.

A few months after he was born, doctors told his family that the ribcage closed and the cavity in his heart had healed.

That was that and besides, everything was fine as long as he used his inhaler.

Joelle saw a cardiologist and learned that his "episodes" were actually heart attacks, and he’d had 8 by this point.

Joelle was 16 when he got his first heart transplant.

Joelle Earle and his mom, Nancy Stamp

Joelle Earle cooks at Earle's on Crenshaw

"You can tell they actually care. It's a more human experience."