Cedars-Sinai’s International Patients Find Comfort at Their Fingertips

Growing numbers of patients around the world have come to rely on Cedars-Sinai as a destination for expert medical care. Now, with the opening of the Cedars-Sinai International Lounge and the launch of comprehensive concierge services for international patients, they can rest even easier knowing that Cedars-Sinai is equipped to meet the full range of their needs.

The lounge occupies an expansive space on Cedars-Sinai’s main campus in Los Angeles, California, and provides a place for patients and their companions to rest and relax before and between appointments. The lounge offers complimentary coffee and tea as well as other meaningful, culturally appropriate amenities.

Cedars-Sinai International Lounge

“I make certain we always have a supply of beloved snacks from countries across the globe, and we provide free access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines in a variety of languages, which patients can pull up on their own electronic devices,” said Christina Khatchadourian, director of International Concierge Services. “Our goal is to help patients and their families feel comfortable and to give them a welcome distraction from the stress of whatever they are going through. Emotional support is so critical to overall health, and we want them to know they have a team by their side.”

The lounge has a quiet room for meditation and prayer as well as multiple conference rooms that can accommodate meetings and video-visit consultations. Private lockers are also available.

In addition to serving as a retreat for patients, the lounge hosts visiting international delegations from foreign hospitals and other partners, as well as VIP guests to Cedars-Sinai.

“Our international collaborations are growing, and the lounge is a perfect gathering spot for our guests while they are here touring Cedars-Sinai and engaging with medical center faculty and staff,” Khatchadourian said.

When the lounge opened its doors in March 2023, Khatchadourian and her colleagues also rolled out the new concierge services program. With more than two decades of experience collaborating with international hotel chains and luxury collections here in Los Angeles as well as in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and beyond, Khatchadourian—who joined Cedars-Sinai in January 2023—understands the value of having a dedicated resource capable of alleviating patients’ logistical concerns.

Cedars-Sinai International Lounge

“We specialize in hospitality for our patients, helping them navigate the daily details of life in Los Angeles throughout the duration of their stay,” Khatchadourian said. “Whether they need short- or long-term housing or assistance with airline ticketing, ground transportation or medical documentation, we make sure they receive information about crucial services available to them.”

Other concierge services include assisting with personal banking, booking tourist activities and securing domestic aides, such as caregivers, cleaners and cooks.

The program reflects Cedars-Sinai’s mission to elevate the health status of the diverse communities it serves.

“No matter where in the world they come from, we want our patients to know we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in their care,” said Heitham Hassoun, MD, professor of Surgery and vice president and medical director of Cedars-Sinai International. “Our new lounge and concierge services are vital components of our focus on improving patients’ wellbeing and helping them thrive.”