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Stats: Rejection Overruled

Just as in metaphorical matters of the heart, we’re not all meant for each other when it comes to organ transplants. Cedars-Sinai surgeons have been performing transplantations since 1966, while collaborating with scientists to pioneer techniques that improve matchmaking—including ways to unite incompatible blood types and prevent organ rejection.


In addition to performing more heart transplants than any other medical center, the Smidt Heart Institute also has the lowest rejection rate—less than 15 percent compared to the national average of 25 percent.


First successful kidney transplant from a nonmatching donor performed at Cedars-Sinai, after the patient was treated with a new antirejection technique pioneered by Nephrology Director Stanley C. Jordan, MD


Estimated first-year survival rates for heart-lung and heart-liver transplants in adults at Cedars-Sinai versus 79.4 percent and 88.4 percent, respectively, nationwide