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Designing a Lullaby-Friendly MRI

An MRI-compatible crib designed by Cedars-Sinai researcher Wei Gao, PhD and team

Making MRI Scans a Dream for Babies

Designed by Gao and his research team, the MRI-compatible crib resembles a bassinette attached to a gurney set on wheels.

Gao’s main goal was to minimize the risk of disturbing a sleeping baby during transfer, thereby increasing the chances of a successful infant brain scan. The scanner bed of the MRI is raised up to the level of the crib prior to the scan. Made of a mesh-like fabric, the bassinette can be detached from its base using a series of clasps. The rest of the bassinette and the gurney are then rolled away from the MRI machine, leaving the baby on the scanner bed without experiencing any vertical or horizontal movement.

“The prototype worked with the first baby we tested it on,” Gao says. “I was very happy.”

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