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Clinical Understanding of the Human Gut Microbiome book cover

Although the gut microbiome offers an exciting frontier for improving human health, its dynamic environment of microorganisms remains one of the least understood parts of our bodies. Clinical Understanding of the Human Gut Microbiome distills the latest knowledge and research to help physicians and clinicians enhance their caregiving strategies. The book is co-edited by Mark Pimentel, MD, executive director of Cedars-Sinai’s Medically Associated Science and Technology Program (MAST); Ruchi Mathur, MD, director of clinical research and operations for MAST; and Gillian Barlow, PhD, project scientist with MAST.

In addition to serving as editors, Pimentel, Mathur and Barlow provided their expertise as co-authors. Mathur and Barlow co-wrote a chapter on how microbiome changes help drive obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Pimentel contributed to the chapter on the microbiome’s role in inflammatory bowel disease and wrote the book’s capstone chapter on the future of microbiome research.

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