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Community Connect

Wellbeing isn’t only dictated by genes or habits. A growing body of data directly links a person’s health to their life challenges—such as struggles related to housing, food, finances, transportation, substance use and mental illness. Researchers refer to these types of challenges as “social determinants of health.” A 2015 study concluded that only 20% of health outcomes are attributable to medical care, while 80% are driven by social influences.

Cedars-Sinai is addressing these real-life risk factors through the new Community Connect Program, which aims to screen all patients for social determinants of health. Care teams can then refer patients experiencing health-related social needs to community support services. Particularly vulnerable patients are paired with community health workers who provide one-on-one assistance. Cedars-Sinai has also launched CS Community Resource, a database accessible to patients and the public that locates free or reduced-cost support services.

By the Numbers


patients screened for social determinants of health


social service organizations throughout Greater L.A. listed on CS Community Resource


social factors considered in screenings


social service organizations to which the Community Connect team can refer patients in need

1 to 1

ratio of community health workers to vulnerable patients who need individualized assistance