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Help for the Healing—and the Healers

Cedars-Sinai volunteers support not just patients and visitors, but staff, too.

A Cedars-Sinai volunteer walking the halls with a guitar.

They are recovered patients and their resilient friends, teenagers, professionals, and retirees. United by compassion—and a light blue uniform—Cedars-Sinai’s diverse and dedicated volunteer force is the gentle current of help for patients, visitors and staff alike. Volunteers attend to families in surgical waiting areas, deliver flowers and medications, and play musical instruments for patients. They’re driven by their deep connections to Cedars-Sinai—and the scientifically proven mood boost associated with continued acts of service.

And Cedars-Sinai employees are eager to give time and energy, too. Hundreds of staff volunteers clean up the L.A. River or feed Angelenos in need at monthly events that deepen the medical center’s connection to community partners. 

This work is never done: Cedars-Sinai is always accepting applications for new volunteers.

"Every volunteer makes a difference," says Michele Prince, director of Volunteer Services. "Even helping anxious patients find their way around our vast campus can be deeply meaningful." 

Apply online at, or for more information, call 310-423-8044.


high school students volunteered over the summer for community service credit and hands-on healthcare experience


shifts recorded over six months by volunteers specially trained volunteers who assist older patients who would otherwise be alone in the Emergency Department


volunteer pianists play for patients, visitors and staff in the central lobby


hours logged by volunteers at the medical center from July 2021 to June 2022