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Faces of Cedars-Sinai: Nurse Manager Maureen Chin

maureen chin with dog, nurse, cedars-sinai, pet volunteer, manager

Not only is Maureen Chin a nurse in the cardiovascular pediatric ICU at Cedars-Sinai, she and her rescue pup Marley are also POOCH volunteers.

In the cardiovascular pediatric ICU, nurse Maureen Chin stands with families during moments the children may not remember, but their parents will never forget.

Day after day, she walks through the hall connecting her office to the ICU—where children recover from invasive cardiac surgeries, pacemaker implantation, and other medical conditions. If she hears crying, Maureen peeks into a room to see what she can do.

"I'm a nurse first and a manager second."

"We're a small unit, so we can treat patients like family," she says.

Maureen knew nursing was her calling from an early age. She began her nursing education right after high school and has excelled ever since.

Now, at 33 years old, she's been a practicing nurse with Cedars-Sinai for over a decade. She was made an assistant manager of her unit after receiving a master's in nursing administration.

"I'm a nurse first and a manager second," says Maureen.

Today she does her rounds with a goal of making things better for her patients and her staff.

"To be honest, we are a family here. We spend so much time together," she says of her colleagues.

Maureen takes the family analogy seriously—she's even enlisted her dog to help on weekends. Every other Sunday she comes to the hospital with Marley, a rescue dog who's certified to interact with kids, as part of the POOCH Volunteer Program.

"I love the joy he puts on kids' faces. Marley loves it too. He gets excited when I open the car door and he sees we're at Cedars-Sinai."