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Think You Can't Get Hurt Doing Yoga?

Group of people doing yoga
Cedars-Sinai primary care physician Lacy Knowles, MD

Lacy L. Knowles, DO

Are you ready to try yoga?

Its popularity has grown in recent years and it has a reputation for being a good "starter" workout—something easy to get into for those who don't work out often or who have injuries that prevent strenuous exercise.

True, it's more laid back than CrossFit, running, or lifting heavy weights, but you can still get injured, especially if you're new to the practice or aren't used to working out.

We asked primary care physician Dr. Lacy Knowles how to get started with yoga while making sure you're helping your body instead of hurting it.

Get cleared for take-off

Choose your class carefully and go cautiously

Know your limitations and respect them

"Pick a small class where your teacher can make sure participants execute moves safely and properly."

"Slow as you go" is good

Lengthen and lift for excellence

Open up to the possibilities

Use those props like the yoga star you are

Be aware of potential trouble spots

Appreciate the moment with yoga and stay safe

Finally, this isn't a competition, she reminds you. Yoga invites you to slow down and practice mindfulness skills you can use in life. Focus on your even breath, and on the present moment, your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. This is your time.