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One Thousand Valentine’s Greetings

On their first Valentine’s Day as a couple, Greg Bonhomme was shocked to learn that his partner Rabbit Lagos didn’t like celebrating the holiday dedicated to romance and love. “I was excited to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together but, to my surprise, he told me he doesn’t celebrate the day at all,” Greg said.

Instead of showering each other with flowers and chocolates, the pair instead decided it would be more meaningful to share their love with others and give back to their community. They thought about donating money or time, but decided they wanted to create something special with their hands.

Having spent time with several friends in the Saperstein Critical Care Tower at Cedars-Sinai, Greg thought of those spending the holiday in the hospital. He remembered seeing people without visitors and wanted to make something to bring a smile to their faces. The idea of “Caring Cards” was born.

“It’s powerful to take 10 minutes to unplug and create something for someone else.”

Last year, the couple made 175 Valentine’s cards—enough for each bed in Saperstein. This year, they decided to go bigger. The goal? Make a Valentine’s Day card for every patient at Cedars-Sinai.

With support from friends, family, and co-workers, Greg and Rabbit created 1,105 handmade cards—105 more than their goal. Word spread and people started pitching in, mailing cards from around the country and taking supplies to schools and offices to get more people involved in the effort.

“It’s bigger than us now,” Rabbit said. “It’s powerful to take 10 minutes to unplug and create something for someone else.”

“It kind of turned into this mini movement we didn’t anticipate, but we are humbled and thrilled to watch it blossom,” added Greg.

And what is the couple planning to do for this Valentine’s Day? Shop clearance supplies for next year’s cards, of course!