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New Class of Healthcare Startups Kicks Off 3 Months of Innovation

Cedars-Sinai Healthcare Accelerator Kickoff

How do you…

…get people to follow their doctor’s good advice?

…deliver all the great information collected by wearable devices to doctors in a helpful way?

…improve the process of getting a doctor referral?

…get health costs down?

These are big issues to tackle, and 7 health-tech startups have some answers that use artificial intelligence, cloud-based services, innovative software, and more to address them. They’re getting a jump-start in the new class of the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator powered by Techstars.

The startups recently began an intensive three-month boot camp to rapidly develop their innovations and products aimed at transforming how healthcare is delivered. They will receive mentoring from Cedars-Sinai executives and physicians, as well as $120,000 in seed money to cultivate services and inventions in AI, mobile health, healthcare financing, wearable devices, and more.

The startups include:

  • Cerebro Solutions – An online platform that helps hospitals and other healthcare organizations find, select, and hire clinicians, as well as forecast their labor needs and manage costs.
  • Frame Health – One of the biggest avoidable healthcare costs is patients not listening to their doctor’s orders. Frame Health develops software using advanced personality analysis to identify which patients are unlikely to be adherent and prescribe tailored treatment plans. This improves adherence and patient outcomes.
  • Healthcare TTU – A platform that allows health systems to predict and track cash flows and accounts, helping to increase their financing opportunities.
  • HealthTensor – A company that improves patient outcomes and reduces costs by managing patient health data, creating the backbone for artificial intelligence in healthcare.
  • Noteworth – They bridge the data gap in healthcare by uniting smart medical devices, data and support into one platform that positions doctors to deliver more informed, efficient and proactive care.
  • ReferralMD – A cloud-based service that expedites physician referrals and e-consults with other doctors.

“We’re excited to pair these bright, motivated entrepreneurs with healthcare experts from Cedars-Sinai who together can rapidly accelerate the pace of innovation and transform healthcare in meaningful ways for our patients,” said Darren Dworkin, Cedars-Sinai CIO.

The accelerator first launched in 2016 with a class of 11 companies that tackled applying mobile virtual reality to improve pain and anxiety management, managing pain through mindfulness, in-home care, and other healthcare innovations.