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Faith and Philanthropy

Arnold L. Gilberg, MD, PhD from Cedars-Sinai

One of the most esteemed psychiatrists in the region, Arnold L. Gilberg, MD, PhD, has tended to the mental health of Southern Californians for six decades and counting. His deep connections to Cedars-Sinai date back just as long, to before the medical center held its current name.

“I am a big believer in giving back and also in the importance of supporting Cedars-Sinai!”

He recently gave a gift to the medical center to sponsor the Arnold L. Gilberg, MD, PhD, Lectureship in Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, which focuses on wellness for healthcare professionals and providing tools to support the development of resiliency, work-life balance and self-care. So he speaks with authority when noting that the institution is unparalleled in strengthening the physical as well as psychological wellbeing of people throughout Los Angeles.

“I’m enormously proud of the medical center and everything it does,” says Gilberg, Cedars-Sinai’s former clinical chief of psychiatry and a longtime member of the Board of Governors.

The last living person to be trained by Franz Alexander, MD—a distinguished colleague of Sigmund Freud—Gilberg arrived at what was then Mt. Sinai Hospital in 1962. In the decades since, he has balanced a thriving private practice with an unflagging commitment to public service and philanthropy.

“Much of my charitable giving grows out of my religious faith,” Gilberg says. “In Judaism, healing and helping people are some of the most important things we can do as human beings. Cedars-Sinai sits at the nexus of those two goals.”

His volunteer efforts include extensive advocacy on behalf of Cedars-Sinai, where today he is the physician with the longest continuous attending-staff privileges.

A distinguished life fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a former member of the Medical Board of California, Gilberg is also a founder of The Music Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art. He has played leadership roles in such organizations as the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and Sinai Temple.

“I am a big believer in giving back,” Gilberg says, “and also in the importance of supporting Cedars-Sinai!”