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Cedars-Sinai and Taikang Healthcare to Develop World-Class Hospital in Shenzhen, China

Cedars-Sinai representatives meet with members of Taikang Healthcare.

Cedars-Sinai representatives meet with members of Taikang Healthcare

Cedars-Sinai and Taikang Healthcare have agreed to develop a new, world-class hospital in Shenzhen, China. The hospital, which will be a public-private partnership in the Qianhai central business district, will feature 500 to 1,000 beds. Cedars-Sinai will provide education and guidance, bringing expertise in quality, safety and personalized care as the two institutions work toward a long-term partnership. 

At the signing ceremony in Shenzhen last fall, Cedars-Sinai was represented by Edward Prunchunas, executive vice president of Finance and chief financial officer, and Heitham Hassoun, MD, vice president and medical director of International Health Services.  

Taikang Healthcare, a wholly owned subsidiary of Taikang Insurance Group, is focused on healthcare investment, development and operation. It operates over 251 healthcare facilities throughout China, with over 10,000 employees serving over 2 million people. Taikang Healthcare has a history of collaboration with academic medical centers in the U.S., including Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore and Mount Sinai Health System in New York.

The partnership with Cedars-Sinai also involves other stakeholders, such as Qianhai Authority—the government entity managing the Qianhai district—and the Southern University of Science and Technology, a research university and medical school in Shenzhen.

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