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Cedars-Sinai and Taikang Group Sign Collaboration Agreement

Cedars-Sinai and Taikang Group sign collaboration agreement at Taikang Shenzhen Qianhai International Hospital in Shenzhen, China.

Cedars-Sinai and Taikang Healthcare signed a long-term collaboration agreement on Dec. 19, 2020. The signing took place at the groundbreaking ceremony of Taikang Shenzhen Qianhai International Hospital in Shenzhen, China. Cedars-Sinai's leadership joined the ceremony via video call, where Thomas M. Priselac, Cedars-Sinai's president and CEO, spoke about the importance of global healthcare collaborations and the importance of this partnership.

The long-term collaboration with Taikang Healthcare focuses on sharing expertise with the Taikang Shenzhen Qianhai International Hospital, a 1,160-bed general hospital.

Taikang Healthcare, owned by Taikang Insurance Group, is a leading private healthcare investment, development and management institution, currently operating over 250 facilities in China. In this relationship, Cedars-Sinai will provide its knowledge and experience in clinical and operational excellence to support the future hospital to meet international quality standards. The hospital is currently moving from the design phase into the construction phase. Taikang Life is the largest privately owned insurance company in China, and its shareholders include Goldman Sachs and the Singapore government. Taikang Life has three pillar services: insurance, wealth management, and healthcare service.

Taikang Healthcare is wholly owned by Taikang Life. It engages in creating a chain healthcare system that mainly focuses on aged-service. The four business pillars are retirement community, high-end medical service, wealth management and end-of-life care. They are one of the first corporations to obtain government approval for the development of a retirement community.

Taikang Healthcare has become a pioneer in the aged-service industry. They provide systematic healthcare solutions to middle class and high-end populations. The core of their business model is senior care, and they are specialized in premium real-estate investments. These businesses cover medical care service, hospital management, investment, planning and designing, and property management. Taikang Healthcare has built 13 retirement communities in first-tier cities. They have the capacity to serve 13,000 clients. Their future vision is to create a comprehensive Taikang Healthcare System, which includes regional top-level medical centers that integrate treatment, education and research, hospitals and clinic networks throughout China.

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