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What's It Really Like Going Through Chemotherapy?

Ovarian cancer patient Kim Tronic shares her "chemo truths"

Kim has successfully completed her treatment and today she's cancer free. Now, she's determined to help alleviate the fears of other patients and share what she learned about going through chemo.

Kim Tronic's 10 "chemo truths"

It's more uneventful than you think. You ready for some Netflix and chill? Put your feet up, binge watch a new series, or take a nap. Your treatment will likely be laid back (dare I say relaxing?), which means ample time for TV, movies, and laughing with your nurses.

It doesn't hurt. In fact, you won't really feel anything other than sleepiness and maybe an urge to grab all the good snacks from the nurse's station. Pro tip: snag some honey graham crackers before they're gone!