Los Angeles,
14:26 PM

COVID-19 Update from Cedars-Sinai President and CEO

"This is What We Do," Says Thomas M. Priselac

COVID-19 Update from Cedars-Sinai President and CEO Thomas M. Priselac

Cedars-Sinai is fully prepared to take care of all its patients during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, says Thomas M. Priselac, president and CEO. In a three-minute video address to the community and staff members, Priselac discusses Cedars-Sinai's important role in the current health crisis.

"We are seeing extraordinary events. It is a stressful time for Los Angeles and of course the world," Priselac says. "As you adapt and adjust, I want you to know, to have full confidence, that Cedars-Sinai is ready. We are responding quickly with the full range of our capabilities and resources. Our care teams are experts in treating new and emerging diseases and working with federal, state and local authorities.

"We have this in hand. We are doing what we always do: making sure that our patients getting the best possible care," he said. "As always, we have patients with a wide variety of needs, and at present that includes COVID-19 patients, along with the hundreds of other patients with other medical needs"

To ensure it can serve all its patients, he noted, Cedars-Sinai is postponing elective procedures for the next few weeks, and some patients are doing visits by phone or video. "Thank you for your understanding and all of the significant adjustments you are making," he said.

Priselac concluded: "As you go through these difficult times, please know that Cedars-Sinai is ready. We have been serving our city for 118 years. We are here for you now. We will continue to be here. And together we will manage this challenge."

For more information about COVID-19, please visit Cedars-Sinai's COVID-19 page.