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Becker’s Hospital Review: Nurses Aren’t ‘Quiet Quitters,’ 2 Leaders Say

Becker’s Hospital Review recently interviewed David Marshall, JD, DNP, RN, senior vice president and chief nursing executive at Cedars-Sinai, and Anita Girard, DNP, RN, chief nursing officer, about nurse retention and providing quality patient care.

Despite the current so-called “quiet quitting” workplace trend in which employees put no more effort into their job than required, Cedars-Sinai has maintained high engagement among its nursing staff. Marshall told Becker’s Hospital Review that he credits the use of innovations, such as Moxi robots, that save nurses time and allow them to focus on providing quality patient care.  

“The innovation culture is palpable, and everybody sees these things as things we are doing to be a little more respectful of their [nurses’] time and make sure that we respond,” said Marshall, chair of the Department of Nursing.

Nurses also appreciate that California is the only state with mandated nurse-to-patient ratios, a benefit that has “made a positive difference upon patient care and nursing satisfaction,” Girard told Becker’s Hospital Review.

Though executives find the mandated ratio to be helpful, there are logistical challenges that could be improved if similar legislation is adopted in other states.

"My recommendation would be for more flexibility in determining what is right for an organization. A community hospital may have different needs than an academic medical center, depending on nursing skill mix and the patients they serve, and night shift may have different needs than day shift," Girard said. “The same ratios may not always be needed on night shift due to fewer procedures and other interventions." 

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