Healthy Habits

The core belief behind the Cedars-Sinai Healthy Habits program is that it's never too early to develop healthy habits. Cedars-Sinai partners with community organizations to help children and their families learn about healthy eating and physical activity.

Healthy Habits in Action

Learn how the Healthy Habits team does its work in Los Angeles grade schools.

Services Provided

The Healthy Habits program reaches elementary and middle school students, parents of preschool children, and families in underserved communities with numerous programs:

In partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District, Healthy Habits educators visit schools in the Mid-City area of L.A. For 10 weeks, second-grade students take part in fun, interactive classroom activities stressing the importance of physical activity, as well as the need for drinking low- or non-fat milk and eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Third- and fourth-grader programs build on the foundation of the second-grade program, emphasizing critical thinking and decision-making to healthy eating.

Colorful display boards in English and Spanish on varied health topics at partner preschool sites. Monthly workshops are offered to parents on the respective board topics, and the boards are rotated every month.

Interactive workshops for parents reinforce the same key messages that students learn in their Healthy Habits lessons, such as MyPlate and the food groups, recommended daily amounts and portion control, reading nutrition facts labels, and importance of physical activity. Healthy Habits for families emphasizes how self-empowerment leads to healthier lifestyle changes not only for individuals, but for their whole family.

Healthy Habits includes equipping teachers with curriculum and activities that reinforce learning. Cedars-Sinai also offers workshops for teachers and staff to stress the importance of being role models regarding health and physical activity. The program also supports school-wide goals for wellness and activity.

Every summer, Healthy Habits brings free exercise led by Cedars-Sinai health educators, to local parks in the West Adams district of L.A. Hundreds of people participate in 8 weeks of activities, which offer flexibility, aerobics, strengthening and dance workouts.

Healthy Habits brings camp-like after-school and summer activities to kids, inspiring their love of nutritious food and physical activity.

Resources for Parents

Healthy School Snacks

Bocadillos Saludables Escolares

Lots of ideas for healthy savory, sweet and special-occasion snacks and drinks for school.

Chronic Diseases: Know Your Numbers

Condiciones Crónicas: Conoce tus Números

Why it's important to know blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol numbers for everyone in the family.

My Meal Planner

Mi Plan Alimenticio

A well-organized visual guide to daily meal planning that you can copy and use every week.

Portion Control Cheat Sheet

Tips para Controlar Porciones

A simple visual guide to help you prevent overeating.

Healthy Savings

Ahorros Saludables

Discover 8 ways to make healthier meals that also will save your family money.

Additional Resources

Available in English and Spanish, these helpful guides provide fitness ideas and give easy-to-understand information for 3 of the most common chronic diseases.

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The 5 Community programs at Cedars-Sinai, including Healthy Habits, cover a wide range of Los Angeles neighborhoods, serving diverse communities of all ages.

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