Penis Conditions and Treatment

A healthy and functioning penis is essential for a healthy body and sex life. Our specialists can help if you’re experiencing problems such as erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's disease and balanitis.

What Is the Penis?

The penis is an organ attached to the male body that removes urine, helps with sexual activity and plays an essential role in reproduction.

What Does the Penis Do?

The penis has many important roles. It:

  • Transports and discharges sperm and protective fluid (semen) during sex
  • Allows urine to flow away from the bladder (through the urethra) to leave the body
  • Enables males to experience sexual pleasure

When urinary, erectile and reproductive issues develop in the penis, it can affect both daily life and long-term plans.

Penis Conditions We Treat

We treat:


Our team helps pinpoint the precise condition causing your symptoms. We run several diagnostic tests, such as:

Penile Injection Test
Urinalysis/Urine Culture

Your doctor injects medication into your penis meant to give you an erection. If no erection results, it could indicate a blood flow problem.

We examine a urine sample to check for abnormalities. This test can detect several conditions in the urinary tract and penis.


From medication to minimally invasive surgery, our team helps improve your sexual health and confidence. We offer comprehensive medical and surgical treatment to correct common penile conditions and treat penile cancer. Contact our experts to learn more.

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