Tendinitis of the Shoulder


Tendonitis is the inflammation of the shoulder rotator cuff tendons. It develops over time and is likely to occur when a person whose muscles are out of condition over exerts himself or herself in a new workout routine (e.g., golf, training program or swimming).


Please consult your physician for further information.


Nonsurgical Treatment

Tendonitis usually goes away if the shoulder is given time to rest and heal. Later, activity can gradually be started again. Stretching exercises before and icing after any activity will help prevent tendonitis. For more severe or chronic cases, anti-inflammatory drugs or a cortisone injection may be needed.

Surgical Treatment

In extreme cases, surgery may be recommended. This can be done using a small incision with specialized, minimally invasive surgical probe called an arthoscope (arthroscopic subacrominal decompression). During this surgery, the tears in the tendons are addressed.

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