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A Deep Dive with Data Scientists

Get to know Cedars-Sinai’s bioinformatics champions, who dig through vast data sets to distill meaningful patterns from our genes, tissues and behaviors. Their research is informing new ways to predict, identify and treat disease.

Discoveries / Aug 09, 2019

discoveries magazine

Worldwide Wellness

Cedars-Sinai investigators partner around the globe to export the medical center’s lifesaving advances in biomedicine to physicians and patients in need.

Discoveries / Feb 19, 2019

discoveries magazine

My Favorite Innovation

Cedars-Sinai clinicians laud their favorite innovations in medical history, from the unsung and established to the experimental and cutting edge.

Discoveries / Jul 27, 2018

discoveries magazine

Warning: Learning Curve Ahead

Cedars-Sinai’s stellar caregivers and investigators reveal lessons learned during their first days in medicine as well as surprising tales of the superstar mentors, savvy nurses, and idiosyncratic patients who helped along the way.

Discoveries / Oct 25, 2017

discoveries magazine

Age: A Biological Guide to Longevity

Aging is as fundamental as time itself. In the interest of demystifying the process, Discoveries presents a scientific guide to the force of time on the human organism.

Discoveries / May 01, 2017