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Artificial Intelligence at Cedars-Sinai teaser image
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Artificial Intelligence at Cedars-Sinai

Cedars-Sinai investigators are leveraging machine learning to help glean insights into disease prediction and assist with expeditious detection.

Discoveries / May 27, 2022

New Technique Can Make Lung Surgery More Accessible teaser image
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New Technique Can Make Lung Surgery More Accessible

New techniques are making lung transplants more accessible to more patients through minimally invasive and robotically assisted techniques. Learn more.

Discoveries / May 17, 2022

Narrowing the Gap: New Device Makes Heart Valve Repair Safer, Easier teaser image
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Narrowing the Gap: New Device Makes Heart Valve Repair Safer, ...

A new FDA-approved device makes significantly more people with pulmonary valve disease eligible for minimally invasive surgery when they need a valve replaced.

Discoveries / Mar 22, 2022

Research Frontier: Pregnancy and Heart Health teaser image
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Research Frontier: Pregnancy and Heart Health

Natalie Bello, MD, is on a mission to address the links between hypertension and pregnancy.

Discoveries / Mar 16, 2022

The Present and Future of Breast Reconstruction teaser image
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The Present and Future of Breast Reconstruction

Current breast reconstruction techniques can allow breasts to be recreated from a patient’s own belly fat. In the lab, researchers aim to regrow breast tissue from a patient’s own ...

Discoveries / Oct 25, 2021

Breast Cancer Has No Gender teaser image
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Breast Cancer Has No Gender

If breast cancer had personal pronouns, they wouldn't be she/her, he/him, or even they/them. Breast cancer has no gender, and that means people of all genders need to learn to asse...

Discoveries / Oct 18, 2021

Married to the Microbiome teaser image
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Married to the Microbiome

Gastroenterologist Mark Pimentel, MD, and endocrinologist Ruchi Mathur, MD, are not only married, but they’ve also successfully united their two fields of research. Here, they retr...

Discoveries / Feb 20, 2019

From Idea to Innovation teaser image
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From Idea to Innovation

The Cedars-Sinai Technology Transfer Office brings researchers’ innovations to the marketplace. The tech transfer team manages hundreds of discoveries and technologies worldwide, e...

Discoveries / Aug 30, 2018

Prescription for Accuracy teaser image
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Prescription for Accuracy

Mistakes involving medications rank among the most common healthcare mishaps. But when pharmacy professionals obtain medication histories from patients admitted through the emergen...

Discoveries / Aug 02, 2018

FUNGOME /fuhng-ohm/ teaser image
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FUNGOME /fuhng-ohm/

The microbiome is popularly understood to be the community of bacteria that live and work in our guts and on our skin. But, in fact, those bacteria have a lot of neighbors—includin...

Discoveries / Jul 27, 2018

Gut Check teaser image
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Gut Check

Scientists at Cedars-Sinai and Emulate Inc. of Boston have created an AA battery-sized Intestine-Chip that mimics a patient’s real gut activity, bringing personalized treatments cl...

Discoveries / Jul 27, 2018

Wingspan Spreads teaser image
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Wingspan Spreads

A specialized stenting system used to open blocked arteries in the brain could change how we treat strokes.

Discoveries / Jul 27, 2018